Numerical control

The systems on the waterjet or plasma cutting machine are equipped with their dedicated digital controls based on industrial PC and Under Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system. CN’s desk is deported (fixed or mobile) in accordance with the new laws, has a protected 21-inch flat screen, a keyboard and an optical mouse. The digital control has a graphical interface that is very easy to use. The digital control is able to read all the files from the various CAD-DAO software. CN’s real-time remote control is recommended for machine maintenance.

A HMI human machine interface

Ergonomical / Intuitive / Easy handling

Numerical control functions:

  • Network and USB access for the loading of parts programs
  • Programming possible at the machine foot or remote on another panel
  • The file transfer is obviously possible by wire network (RJ45),
  • Wireless network (Wifi) or by transfer on USB key
  • Graphical interface very handy
  • Possibility to modify all the parameters in real time during the cutting (speed, torch height…)
  • Modification of the cutting power included in the NC, after nozzle change
  • Modification of the ignition distance between the sheet and the cutting head directly in the database «materials»
  • Language: English
  • Substantial database « Materials »
  • Easy modification of the parameters relative to cutting conditions
  • Easy, fast and graphical cycle recovery
  • The NC controls the cycle recovery after a voluntary or forced stop
  • Reading of .dxf, .mda, .plt, .lis files coming from Solidworks®, Autocad® or Topsolid®
  • Simulation of the head trajectory (without cutting) and of the cutting time
  • Software automatic update via internet
  • Bugs report sending and resolution of the bugs by our services
  • Preparation of the following cutting time, while cutting in progress
  • Hotline Service with remote management
  • Pointing system allowing to align the sheet

Numerical control Phenix Technologie

Conversion and cutting time calculation software

MDA Manager for water jet and plasma cutting center


Shapes generator evolutive upon customer request

• Special shapes function: allows to generate basic or more complex shapes without using a drawing software

• Lettering function: allows by selecting a Windows font, to create some text that will automatically be transformed in polylines and ready to be cut by your machine

• Image function: allows to vectorize scanned files or images


File printing and treatment

• Optimization of the automatic path: this function allows automatic calculation of the shortest and most optimal trajectories, which avoids manual treatment of each profile.

• Profile treatment: this function activates automatically the cutting entry ignitions with possibility to choose and modify the ignition type as well as the micro-junctions if necessary.

• Modification of the part profiles and geometrical dimensions: if the part was drawn with dimensions mistakes, it is possible with this function to modify the different part profiles. This function also allows to close the profiles even if they are open.


Quotation – Purchase order – Estimation

• Quotation function: allows the purchase order preparation for the customer. It is developed according to 4 steps:

  • File loading
  • Choice of the material to be cut
  • Calculation of the estimation by parts or by nesting
  • Excel spreadsheet opening