DUAL CUT Plasma Cutting Machine

The DUAL CUT is a plasma cutting machine constituted of a gantry structure and a separated exhaustion table. It is designed for intensive cutting of large series, in thin and important thicknesses, with lengths > to 6000 mm and 2000 mm width, in high definition. It is thus targeted to a purely industrial use.

Technical description


  • Welded frame and one-piece structure
  • Colors: Black and red
  • Motorization by 4 Brushless motors with incremental coder Panasonic or HDT: with automatic adjustment of the mechanical float
  • Qualitative precision reducer
  • Double motorization driving of X axis
  • Gantry dimensions: upon request from 2000 x 3000 to 9000 x 21 000 mm


  • Removable grating slides mounted on removable frame
  • The table is equipped with an integrated fumes exhaustion tank with pneumatic sections and direct access windows to the exhaustion hatches jacks
  • Small parts recovery grid
  • Positioning precision: +/– 0.3 mm
  • Edges facilitating the sheets positioning
  • Useful surfaces upon request (XxYxZ):
    from 1005mm x 2005mm x 210 mm (option 310mm) to 8005mm x 20005mm x 210 mm (option 310mm)

Video coming soon