MD-X waterjet cutting machine

The MD-X, PHENIX TECHNOLOGIE new water jet cutting machine, has been commercialized since second quarter of 2016.

About MD-X:

The MD-X water jet cutting center is mainly dedicated to « pure water » applications but can also use the « hydro abrasive » process.

It is equipped with 4 servomotors allowing high moving speeds (40 to 50 m/minute) and 1 to 5 cutting heads. Ideal for medium to large series, it combines quality and long lifetime.

The 4137 bar high pressure pumps power varies according to the customer’s needs and requirements: 30 Hp, 40 Hp, 50 Hp, 75 Hp, 100 Hp or 150 Hp.

Technical description:

The MD-X cutting table is constituted of a rectified welded frame with machined guiding bearings (DUAL GENTRY model – Double axis X or Y). It is equipped with prismatic linear rails INA type and transmission by rack and pinions on X and Y axes with self-adjustment and ball screw on Z axis. It is motorized by 4 “brushless” motors with YASKAWA-OMRON incremental encoder. Its axes are entirely protected by bellows and protective casings against abrasive spraying.

  • Precision reducer – large moving speed
  • Qualitative components and material selection (guiding, ball screws shaft, nuts, sensors, cables, mechanical and electric components, etc.) – CE standards
  • From 1 to 5 heads with manual or motorized spacing

Dynamic performances:

  • Maximum speed X and Y: 40 to 50 m/minute
  • Maximum speed Z: 40 to 50 m/minute
  • Maximum cutting speed: 10 m/minute
  • Precision: +/- 0.1mm
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.1mm

Useful surfaces available (XxYxZ):

From 1050 mm x 2050 mm x 210 mm (option 310mm)
to 2050 mm x 6050 mm x 210 mm (option 310mm)


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