FIRST Jet waterjet cutting machine

The water jet FIRST JET is a compact system and optimized for the small sizes offering you the solution to your contraints dimensions.
Of a quality manufacturing, its stiff structure in cast iron of steel undergoes no deformation.

Technical description

The water jet FIRST JET is constitued by a frame monoblock molded in foundry and provided with a flying arm supporting 1 or 2 heads of very high performance pneumatic cup.
The access to the load of the table can be made by 3 sides of the machine.

Axes X, Y et Z have :
- Transmission by screw has ball
- The guide by skates with balls and prismatic linear rails gone up on the frame beforehand rectified in the manufacturing center
- Engines Brushless with incorporated incremental code
- Slide channels of protection against the abrasive
- An automatic lubrication

The accomplished conception of the FIRST jet and the use of components high-end allow :
- To minimize the wear of the machine resulting from the hostile environment of the hydro-abrasive cut
- To guarantee you a long-lasting precision
- To obtain a moderate cost of exploitation of machine

Precision : +/- 0.1mm
Repetability : +/- 0.05mm

Material for the abrasive :
- Abrasive system under pressure.
- Jar of abrasive with flow regulator (allows to check the grammage per minute)

Floor space of cut (X x Y x Z):
1350mm x 1350mm x 210 mm (option 310mm)

Video coming soon