PRO JET 5 axes waterjet cutting machine

TETE 5AXESThe PHENIX TECHNOLOGIE 5 axes hydro abrasive cutting centers are equipped with the PHENIX TECHNOLOGIE X5 system.

This system automatically balances the jet delay and suppresses clearance (see images here below) due to the jet conicity. The X5 system is equipped with 2 rotary motors allowing the head inclination on A and B axes. The cutting head can thus rotate in any direction while adjusting the jet imperfections by using complex mathematics models.



A axis: 1 rotary axis

B axis: 1 rotary axis

The X5 system also allows the operation of chamfered parts.

The PHENIX TECHNOLOGIE X5 system can equip any table in the PRO JET range, whichever the dimensions chosen.

Few examples:
PRO JET 5X 1530
PRO JET 5X 2040
PRO JET 5X 2030
PRO JET 5X 6020

5 axes water jet cutting machine video

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