FLASH Jet waterjet cutting machine


The FLASH JET water jet cutting center is mainly dedicated to pure water applications but can also use the hydro abrasive “process”. It is equipped with a servomotor allowing high moving speeds (40 to 50 m/minute) and 1 to 5 cutting heads. Ideal for medium to large series, it combines quality and long lifetime thanks to its sturdy manufacturing process suffering no distorsion. It is a water jet cutting machine designed to minimize the table wear coming from an hostile environment with hydro-abrasive cutting


Technical description

The FLASH JET  cutting table is constituted of a high thickness welded frame with machined guiding bearings (DUAL GENTRY model – Double axis X or Y).

It is equipped with prismatic linear rails and transmission by rack and pinions on all axes and motorized by 4 “brushless” motors with YASKAWA-OMRON incremental encoder. Its axes are entirely protected by bellows against abrasive spraying.

  • Precision reducer – large moving speed
  • Qualitative components and material selection (guiding, ball screws shaft, nuts, sensors, cables, mechanical and electric components, etc.) – CE standards
  • From 1 to 5 heads with manual or motorized spacing

Dynamic performances:

  • Maximum speed X and Y: 40 to 50 m/minute
  • Maximum speed Z: 40 to 50 m/minute
  • Maximum cutting speed: 40 to 50 m/minute
  • Precision: +/- 0.1mm
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.1mm

Useful surfaces available (XxYxZ):

From 1005mm x 1005mm x 210 mm (option 310mm)
to 4005mm x 6005mm x 210 mm (option 310mm)
upon request.

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