The new XPR300 ™ system is the biggest advance ever made in mechanized plasma cutting technology. This new generation system multiplies the potential uses of plasma, opening the door to new possibilities.

Notes :

The XPR system is designed to automatically produce superior cuts and optimum system performance. The state-of-the-art power source technology allows fast, dynamic feedback to the system and automatic interventions to eliminate problems that adversely affect system efficiency and consumable life.

hypertherm plasma xpr300

Advantages :

  • Ease of use
    • Simple operation thanks to intuitive operation and automatic monitoring.
      All functions and settings can be controlled directly from the CNC.
      Automatic system monitoring and precise troubleshooting codes generate maintenance and repair instructions.
      Quick and easy torch changes thanks to the EasyConnect ™ torch beam and the single-handed connection of the torch in its housing.
      Easy replacement of consumables with the QuickLock ™ electrode.
      The Wi-Fi function of the power source allows it to communicate with mobile devices and with the local area network (LAN) to monitor and use several systems.
  • And better for the environment!
    • The XPR300 uses less energy and consumables, which reduces its carbon footprint.
      Uses 64% less consumable copper per cut foot.
      The system is 99.5% recyclable and 100% recyclable.
      The carbon footprint of magnetic components is reduced by 77% compared to previous systems.
      An improved power-to-weight ratio of 62% and a 14% higher speed.
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