ALPHA CUT Plasma Cutting Machine


The ALPHA CUT is a plasma cutting machine for sheet metal industry, ornamental ironworks and locksmiths.It is ideal for unit parts or small series.This cutting table is perfectly adapted to small budgets.

The ALPHA CUT plasma cutting machine is constituted of:

– A sturdy and operational frame
– One piece structure
– A cold-rolled steel welded frame that guarantees no distorsion linked to the temperature (unlike aluminium)
– A cutting useful surface(XxYxZ): 1510mm x 3010mm x 100 mm.
– Removable grating slides mounted on a stainless steel water tank
– Slides at the same height than the frame
– A quality transmission
– Transmission by racks and pinions and linear guiding
– Self-adjustment device between racks and pinions
– Kinematics by linear guiding type INA (set on the water jet and laser tables)
– Motorization by 4 Brushless motors: with automatic adjustment of the mechanical float
– Double motorization driving of X axis, for a maximum of precision
– Step by step motor 8,5 NM
– Automatic control of the THC torch height and automatic sensor

A very simple use for an optimum cutting quality.

– Deceleration in the angles and drilling and acceleration in straight lines.
– Important cutting speed and acceleration.
– Anti-collision system included.
– Easy-to-use numerical control.
– Laptop with numerical control included.