ALPHA JET compact waterjet cutting machine

ALPHA JET is a compact and optimized water jet cutting center It is an innovative solution to the constraints of size. The one-piece cutting unit includes the very high pressure pump, the cutting table and the various optional systems (ballasts, mud extraction).

The assembly is crankcased to avoid any splashes of water and dust diffusion related to the abrasive cutting. The water jet cutting is carried out safely. The interior lighting system as well as the plexiglass tailgate ensure visibility on the progress of the cut. Its rigid structure does not undergo any deformation. The ALPHA JET is equipped with the numerical control developed by PHENIX TECHOLOGIE and benefits from a user-friendly and simplified use thanks to an optimized graphical interface. Alpha JET is designed for professionals and promotes apprenticeships (high school, IUT, Training Center).

Technical description

The ALPHA JET Waterjet Cutting Center consists of a welded mechanical frame, with rectified mechanical spans. The massive bridge supporting the very high performance cutting head has a double motorization. The ALPHA JET is equipped with the numerical control developed by PHENIX TECHOLOGIE.     

The X, Y and Z axes have:

  • Rectified mechanically welded frame
  • A rack transmission
  • Guidance by ball pads and prismatic linear rails mounted on the chassis previously rectified at the machining center
  • Brushless motors with incremental encoder
  • Abrasive protective slides
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Water and air cleaning shower
  • Version, integrated pump from 10 hp to 30 hp
  • Version, outdoor pump from 30 hp to 50 hp

The successful design of the ALPHA JET and the use of high-end components make it possible to:

  • Minimize machine wear from the harsh environment of the hydro-abrasive cutting
  • To guarantee you a lasting accuracy
  • Get a low machine operating cost

Precision : +/- 0.1mm
Repeatability : +/- 0.05mm
Cutting usable area X,Y, Z : de 500mm X 500mm à 1350mm X1350 mm
Materials to be cut : Métaux, plastique
Equipment for abrasive : Système abrasif sous pression.