HYPERTHERM SEMI-HD MAXPRO™ plasma generators

This range of semi-HD plasma generators is especially designed for cutting on table.

The load factor is important, consumables are thus studied for intensive cutting.

This type of plasma generator can cut up to 50mm with ignition in full sheet. Using gas such as Oxygen and Nitrogen allows a better cutting quality, with less slag and clearance than with a Powermax.


  • Semi-HD cutting,
  • Use of Oxygen and Nitrogen gas,
  • Consumables long lifetime,
  • Better price than other HDs.


  • No automatic gas console,
  • Minimum hole diameter: 1.3 to 1.4 the sheet thickness,
  • Slag,
  • Clearance.
    Mild steel Stainless steel Aluminium Dimensions / weight
Maxpro 200

maxpro 200


Without slag:
Production (drilling):Rough cutting:
20 mm
32 mm
75 mm
25 mm
64 mm
32 mm
75 mm
1040x710x1090 mm
363 kg