You have a tight budget, have you already thought about renovation?

According to what must be replaced, you can make substantial savings!

Call us or send us an email to obtain a quotation on your specific requirements. PHENIX TECHNOLOGIE offers to its actual or new customers their cutting center retrofitting, whichever be the process (plasma, water jet or oxycutting). Retrofitting consists in renovating a machine in order to design an upgraded or optimized version. The cutting center thus retrofitted becomes more competitive and meet the customers’ requirements and needs while minimizing their investment. Retrofitting can intervene on various axes:

  • Cutting table
  • Motorization
  • Digital control and HMI
  • High pressure pump

You will find in the below slideshow some examples of the retrofitting operations led by PHENIX TECHNOLOGIE:

  • Retrofitting of a water jet cutting center
  • Retrofitting of an old oxycutting gantry from Electro Equipement where we installed a HYPERTHERM plasma generator, a recent oxycutting torch and replaced the BURNY type NC by the PHENIX TECHNOLOGIE NC
  • Retrofitting of BYSTRONIC and AXIOME water jet cutting centers