HP Compatible OMAX™® Fittings and Accessories

Straight Connectors, T Connectors, Cross Connectors, Angled Fittings and Reduced Fittings.

RéférenceDescriptionPour réf d'origine
RSAC13157-60-41/4" High Pressure Collar#20078813157-60-4 High Pressure Collar
RSAC13158-60-41/4" HP Gland Nut#20009713158-60-4  HP Gland Nut
RSAC13157-60-63/8" High Pressure Collar#20027413157-60-6 High Pressure Collar
RSAC13158-60-63/8" High Pressure Gland Nut#20082313158-60-4 Raccords et accessoires HP compatibles OMAX
RSAC13495Anti-Vibration Assembly 1/4"13495 Anti-Vibration Assembly
RSAC14266Anti-Vibration Assembly, 3/8"14266 Anti-Vibration Assembly
RSAC13159-60-63/8" High Pressure Plug#20077813159-60-6 Raccords et accessoires HP compatibles OMAX

Straight, T-, cross-, angled and reduction fittings

RéférenceDescriptionPour réf d'origine
RSAC13534Elbow, 3/8", No Fittings13534 Elbow
RSAC13164-60-63/8" Elbow#20151413164-60-6 Raccords et accessoires HP compatibles OMAX
RSAC13535Tee, 3/8", No Fittings13535 Tee
RSAC13163-60-63/8" Tee#20152613163-60-6 Raccords et accessoires HP compatibles OMAX
RSAC13160-60-63/8" High Pressure Straight Coupling#20167813160-60-6 High Pressure Straight Coupling
RSAC14372Cross, 3/8", No Fittings14372 Cross
RSAC13162-60-4F6MAdapter 1/4"F - 3/8" M#20075813162-60-4F6M Adapter
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