Cutouts, tubes, and abrasives compatible with all brands

Abrasive cutting equipment

RS13762Abrasive regulatorregulateur d'abrasif
RSACFSF206Abrasive tanktrémie
Tank extension 1 ton or 2 tons (upon request)réhausse trémie

Cutting supports

Machine crossbeams (upon request)X
RSALT500X500Steel grating 500 x 500caillebotti
RSALT500X1000Steel grating 500 x 1000caillebotti
RSALT1000X1000Steel grating 1000 x 1000caillebotti
RSGANIDA28MMNidaplast plate thickness 28mmPlaque de Nidaplast
RSGANIDAPLASTNidaplast plate thickness 40mm

Abrasive tube

Abrasive pipe from the tank to the embedded tank (upon request)X
RSAC13615Abrasive pipe from the embedded tank to the cutting headX

HP Tube

1/4_4200BAR_INOXHP 1/4'' stainless steel pipe 4200 barX
3/8_4200BAR_INOXHP 3/8'' stainless steel pipe 4200 basX
9/16_4200BAR_INOXHP 9/16 pipe 4200 barX
RSAL810402HP 1/4'' stainless steel pipe 7000 barX
RSAL803802HP 3/8'' stainless steel pipe 7000 barX
RSAL882010HP pipe machining casevalise d'usinage tube hp


RSTOPG25KG25 kg abrasive bagabrasif